Western Abrasive Ind. Pvt. Ltd.

Our Company

After passing more than 3 decades as Leader of the Abrasive & Polishing Industry, Western Abrasive continues to push the boundaries of ever & greater innovations, eminence & supremacy.

Remarkably as an Abrasive Company, Western Abrasive involves expert techniques in each step of manufacturing process - from the sourcing of Raw materials, processing, till the execution of final product.

History & Heritage

Begins with an extraordinary vision, Western Abrasive Ind Pvt Ltd was founded by Mr Umed Sinh Mahedu in 1967 for an endless journey to serve quality & commitments.

History always defines our passion of serving industry with best products than any others, and the new generation today continues to inspire and attract new clients around the world.

All above than just a name - Western Abrasive is a Legacy of passion, and adopted by the new generation & continues to collaborate its time for serving best products to the industry.

Our CROWN Brand

Crown Brand has become the most reknown name in Abrasive & Polishing Industry by its dedicated quality and fulfilling commitment since its existence. Our Products are famed and recognized by "Crown Brand", the name fulfilling expectations.

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