Solid Polishing Compounds for
Plastic, Fiber, Acrylic Surface

Stainless Steel Polishing Compounds

Polishing is a process which can enhance and restore the looks of stainless steel objects. CROWN BRAND offers a wide range of solid polishing compounds for stainless steel. Based on research and development CROWN BRAND has develops polishing compounds with unique combination of materials to achieve desire surface finishing.

Cooking utensils, cutlery’s, kitchen sink, automobile components, fixtures etc. are widely made of stainless steel which requires semi-gloss or high gloss finish. Western Abrasive can help in it.

Product Details By Process

 Cutdown            Intermediate Polish     Finishing Polish     Super Finish Polish


Even for a soft surface like plastic, If you want to achieve uniform, smooth, semi-bright surface finish, We have solution…..

CROWN CM-42(Brown)


CM-42 BrownCROWN CM-42 (Brown) compound is of economic range that produce uniform and well-finished surface quickly. Removes scratches and surface defects by preventing from excessive heating.

Use Stitched Cotton Wheel for best results.

Intermediate Polish    

Polishing the surface is the essential step to increase look of a work piece….

CROWN 5026 (Ivory)

Crown 5026 (Ivory) is designed to achieve glossy finish on plastic surface. It will reduce polishing time and prevents excessive heating.

Use loose cotton wheel for best results.


CROWN 5027 (Beige)

CROWN 5027 (Beige) is specially formulated to provide glossy finish on plastic articles. It will reduce polishing time and prevents excessive heating.

Use loose cotton wheel for best results.

Finishing Polish    

Enhancing the looks of work piece can earn higher values….

Crown 6034 (White)

Cut down for allCROWN 6034 (White) is a specially designed for plastic. Its exceptional formulation gives enhanced look to the work piece and provides high gloss and long lasting mirror finish.

Use Flannel Wheel for best results

Super Finish Polish

Incredible look can become a signature identity of a work piece…..

Crown 6035 (Pink)

6035 finish pinkCROWN 6035 (Pink) can produce versatile results at fourth stage of polishing. It is capable to produce supper high gloss and long lasting deep mirror finish on plastic surface.

Use Flannel Wheel for best results

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